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Aiki Liu
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Re: Sport is the new Budo

Hey guys,
Kevin - thanks very much for the post. Very honest! Do you think that more budo should implement some more sporting practices to improve?
Cady very impressive! There are certainly a fair few exceptions to what I wrote earlier. I should probably clarify what I meant by my earlier post about elder folk training. I have absolutely no problem with older people doing kata training and even participating in randori etc (as long as its safe). What I was referring to was a couple of demonstrations Ive seen where a 80 year old is throwing around multiple attackers. I dont think this gives a very good impression of aikido whichever way you take it. To someone who doesnt understand about cooperation between tori and uke then you either believe the old guy can actually do that (misleading) or you think "what a load of rubbish". Neither of which are a good advert for aikido.
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