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Re: Sport is the new Budo

Interesting points guys.
Rob, Im not trying to convince people sport is the "better" way necessarily, as you say people need to train in their own way. However I am slightly concerned that some people seem to see sport as "less" than Budo and dont seem to see the benefits of training in a martial art in a sporting fashion. I guess Im just trying to challenge a few misconceptions.
As for the 80 year old boxers you make a very interesting point which Id like to address. When I see 80 year old Aikidoka flipping young guys around Im impressed at their athleticism and technical skill at such an old age BUT I feel its not all that honest to train in such a way as, in reality, I just dont think an 80 year old man can realistically throw some young men. To answer your question directly my boxing coach IS in his 80s. I have massive repect for him cos hes been everywhere and fought everyone and believe me he can still move around. But that said, he is honest enough to know not to get in the ring with a 20 year old guy cos hes just too old to keep up - despite his skill level. Id like to see more elderly aikidoka take on a more "coaching" style role for the younger practitioners without feeling the need to pretend to flip them around. Im not trying to be disrespectful here but lets be honest, the old guys are bursting with knowledge but their body just cant do the things it did. I for one would love to have an aiki coach who had competed at top level whether hes 30, 40 or 90.
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