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Gernot Hassenpflug
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Re: What has aikido caused you to do?

Tim Fong wrote:
You are describing what intelligence analysts do with "open sources" , i.e. non classified material. If they can assemble enough pieces of non-classified info (from various sources) they can infer the classified/non released information.

To paraphrase Gibson, the information is there, it's just not widely distributed yet.
I think it's the only way to go. In the West perhaps the idea of looking for 10 years for a good teacher is not so relevant, since teachers teach. A sensei is not expected to and does not do so. The whole idea of a student doing this is part of the education that a sensei *expects*. To not do so and remain in the fold is kind of like failing a basic 2-digit IQ test. This is not the same as recognizing quality and the real deal (e.g., "basic" exercises) and sticking with them while others go to look for more esoteric things.
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