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Re: Ukemi and Kokyu

David Orange wrote:
However, I also think that the root comment for this thread is that the best way to experience kokyu is to take ukemi for a master.
No. Not at all. I can have someone stand there and I'll show them how to NOT take Ukemi while I increasingly test them. And do it with them not falling once....t. So there goes that idea.
David Orange wrote:
For those of us who can still be thrown by a real master, it takes excellent falling skills, which are all that allow us to repeatedly experience such a master's technique.
Spoken like a true believer David. Come on Bud. Think man! you know I love ya but this won't do. Do you think you need to fall down to take his technique? Tell me, does he need to fall down to take yours? Is your head... a means or way to meet in the middle and learn to stand up and receive in a whole different way?
David Orange wrote:
So ukemi allow us to experience a master's technique and kokyu and also give us a chance to exercise and develop our own kokyu. And, having felt the master's kokyu, we can put more of that into our ukemi. Developing it thusly in ukemi, we have better kokyu to use in techniques as nage.
Glad it ain't me.


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