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Beginner Things

Well if you really must have a set of techniques to work to, then yes I agree with Erik.

If it helps, this if i remember correctly are the white belt upgrading techniques for my dojo(aikikai).

katate dori shiho nage(yup everyone is right how important this is and it's a lot more difficult than it looks)
katate dori or shomen uchi ikkyo(ikkyo nikyo sankyo yonkyo enterings are all almost similiar just with little variations in them so learning how to do a proper ikkyo is a good way to start)
suwari waza kokyu ho(good for ki extension and stuff like that. we have it at every upgrading)

And there's one more that i'm not sure if it's a white belt technique but i believe it is. Nevertheless it's always a nice to have a showy technique to begin. We all need some beginner excitement.

shomen uchi irimi nage. damn cool, damn bugger to learn.
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