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Thumbs down Thank you all!

Dear friends,

Thank you all for your interest and cooperation. With your help, this list will get better and better.

To Sherman Byas : This list is about high-ranking non-japanese yudansha and not Shihan. But you are right : There's no relation between getting a 6th Dan and being indicated a Shihan.

To Kevin Beyer : Please take a look at Jun's e-mail. The answer is there.

To Michael Ellefson : You're absolutely right. My mistake. It is corrected.

To Noah Diegel : Sorry, it's just for Aikido Yudansha and believe me, it's already a lot of work.

To Salvador Lopez : Ay, Hermano! Non, yo pergunté 3 nombres a Peter Goldsbury Sensei. La relación completa es muy grande. Algun nombre especial?

To Joe Cavazos : As you yourself has said, Bill Sosa has no rank and ours is a list of HIGH-RANKING people. And the last rank he got was godan and our list begins with 7th Dan. This means no disrespect for Bill Sosa Sensei.
Keep writing and commenting, please.
Best regards and a good keiko

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