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Re: "Verbal Aikido: 7 Ways To Handle Difficult Customers"

Justin Smith wrote:
Comments about her credentials or her inspiration from Segal movies are missing the point. The OP was asking for

"What are your thoughts on these principles and their use "off the mat"?"

I think the general idea presented is a good one at least. Situations should always IMO be 1) avoided, 2) verbally descalated, or 3) merciful self defense carried out, probably in that order. This artice focused on customers, where 1) and 3) are not options. So that leaves 2) as the only solution that is feasible given the constraints of the situation. I think her #4 is especially helpful, as it stresses empathy, not sympathy.
Here is the second 'principle of aikido' according to this self professed 'expert' on Seagal movies and aikido:

"2. Aikido never meets force with force. In fact, there are no direct attacks and very little striking or kicking. When dealing with angry customers it is natural to respond to an attack with an attack. If the customer yells, we escalate our voice. When the attack gets personal, we become defensive and less willing to work with the customer. While we may feel justified in launching our attack because we've been attacked, we must realize that a defensive (forceful) response only escalates the original problem. Let's learn from the Aikido masters and not attack back defensively. Instead, we will respond carefully and strategically.

The only thing is, O Sensei taught us that 90% of aikido is atemi...

So was O Sensei wrong and/or in violation of the purported second principle of aikido?

I could go on but why waste the time. This is not aikido in any shape or form. It's a squalid and degrading attempt at commercial exploitation of everything that some of us hold dear. We are a laughing stock among many serious martial arts practitioners because we tolerate, and in many cases even encourage, this kind of thing.
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