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Re: Poll: Is understanding human psychology helpful for you in learning aikido?

I answered yes, but 'understanding human psychology' is a tall order. Sometimes I am a bafflement to myself. (bafflement - southern for confusing situation)

Frequently others are trying to understand where I am coming from. I have a better time understanding the rhythms of nature, and I find that animals are a lot more consistent (trustworthy?) than human beings. By 'rhythms of nature' I mean the seasons, weather, and how a person rocks back a little on their heels before they strike.

I understand the facial expressions of aggression, but sometimes I can't tell when someone is just kidding around. I am wonderfully tuned to know 'threat or not threat' in all I meet, but sometimes I don't ease up at parties.

It's getting better - Sensei says I can fit into the group now if I choose to.......but how do you do that?

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