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Re: "Aikido is Misogi"

Ryan Bertram wrote:
I don't mean to pick on anyone on this thread, because it happens a lot on Aikiweb. Why is it so wrong to bring up a topic that has been discussed before on a forum? If one not interested in the topic why do they insist on reading it or posting on that thread?
Personally I enjoy it when topics are come up again. Sometimes after a few more years of training it has more meaning, more depth, and from a different angle.
Someone who took the time to do a search they might discover that the topic 600 posts on the subject already , and be discouraged from adding a new angle.

Thanks for reading my vent.. and sorry if I offended anyone.

It's not that it's wrong so much as the guy was simply regurgitating whatever stuff he'd been fed without any actual "physical" understanding of what was going on. (Not to mention that from the description he gave his teacher has zip knowledge as well) Maybe that sounds harsh, but it is what it is.

Here's the other thing, I think those kind of uninformed and half assedly formed posts do more harm in that they potentially point some beginners in the wrong direction.
Other than that I couldn't care less about vortexs of water swirling meaningleslly in the body
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