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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Dan Harden wrote:
Hey Now..that isn't on the table with Rob. If it is, I'll be surprised. I've never heard anything like that.
Well, his posts are archived, Dan, but let's not get off the point. I very honestly don't have any feelings about emotional issues on this one... I genuinely think that anything is fair game to motivate people, if it motivates them in the right direction. You start off nice, but nice seldom works with anyone who thinks they're "already there", as you should know quite well by now.

You do whatever it takes to motivate, but I think we're beyond that point (and have been for a 4 or 5 years now). There's already a cascade of people heading in the direction of those skills. Clinically, I think that Aikido has a *somewhat* better shot within a few of the factions as acquiring reasonably complete ki/kokyu skills, ahead of other western versions of Asian arts. And I'm all for a limited experiment at it. Encouraging, even. It will be interesting to watch. It will be interesting to watch how some of the Shihans adapt to a changing world, too.

And hey, it's OK for someone in martial arts to want to practice something until he's better at it than So-and-so. In my mind that's a perfectly legitimate motivation to practice and improve. Heaven knows.... one day my doorbell might ring and it will be Cady there to use her ki to "take control of my body" and toss me around like a rag-doll.

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