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Re: Baseline skillset

Mike Sigman wrote:
Take a look at Rob Liberti and a few others.... now that they've had an actual feel, they want to go learn this stuff (the stuff they were just mildly interested in as a casual topic before) just so they can pass me and kick my butt with what they've learned. Good for them. If that's what it takes to motivate people, well hey, whatever works.

Hey Now..that isn't on the table with Rob. If it is, I'll be surprised. I've never heard anything like that. In fact just the opposite. More along the lines of wanting to "feel" everyone. He did say he wanted to handle HIS teacher-but in a light hearted way.
Most guys I have met so far are not into personalities one way or the other but into the research and the work. I encourage them to feel as many as they can.
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