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Eddie deGuzman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Mike Sigman wrote:
Hi Eddie:

[[Incidentally, there is a huge spectrum of ability in ki and kokyu... "knowing kokyu" doesn't tell anyone how good the full abilities are]]

So best case, you can tell from what someone says whether they know or not. If there's a doubt, it's best to meet up. A lot of people are beginning to meet up and compare notes and that's the first sign that a critical step is beginning in a lot of Aikido .... not all Aikido; some groups will be left behind because they have no idea that they're missing something large but basic.

In Japan, it would probably be fun for you to meet up with Rob John and compare notes. On a completely friendly and helpful basis. That way someone would know you from Adam. Or even "Adam's Off-Ox" (which is where I think the saying originated).
Hi Mike, I agree with you on the spectrum thought. I don't think I have made any amazing claims to date other than basic kokyu skills(as seen per my dojo) and not knowing exactly what IS possible at the highest level of the spectrum, I wouldn't even hazard a guess as to where I would fall on it. As for my dojo, I would say my skills are average or just a tad more(just to make myself feel good ) And this, of course means nothing to anyone.

I agree with you that some will get left behind, not that it is their fault, they simply just don't know. And I was in that group until I came to Japan and felt something different, as you did. As I'm sure happens to everyone who has never felt it before, it opens your eyes and your mind and there's no going back. I don't know it all and can't do it all. But I believe my foot is in "the door". Whether anyone else believes it is not really relevant to my training. And I say this not meaning to offend. It's just a fact. I'm just a little surprised that I would need to get verified before allowed to have an opinion.

Many things you've said "ring true" as per my experience. Please recall that I have learned in the less spoken is better traditional Japanese style and thus lack the words to accurately describe the "feeling" of ki/kokyu in English. My interest in this thread is not only to learn more about the concept of ki/kokyu, but also find an easier way to describe it.

Actually, I've pretty much agreed with everything you've said, comments about Eric aside, and would like to hear more on the energy paths used in Chinese internal arts. In an earlier post you mentioned use of the back leg for "grounding". I've never really thought of grounding, as I said, I feel more centered than anything, but I am always interested in learning more. You said you might PM me with some information regarding internal forces. Hope you find the info and the time.

Looks like Rob John is up in Tokyo and I'm down in Kyushu. I'm certainly not averse to the idea of meeting, yet I doubt I'll spend the money and time just so someone can call me Adam. I did visit Aikikai Hombu ages ago. I found the style of aikido quite stiffer than how we do it, but perhaps that was one of the beginner classes. It was quite crowded.

He's welcome to stop by here anytime. I've toyed with the idea of going up to Hiroshima to visit Mr. Goldsbury since that's not too far from here. He seems to be quite knowledgable in many aspects of aikido and Japan in general. Closer to home though, is Fukuoka, and it looks like I'll get to visit Tenjin sometime soon. I mention this not to impress Iggy, but to show I have no qualms about visiting other dojo and am genuinely excited at the chance to learn more.

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