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Re: ATTN: AikiWeb Has A New DRAGON :-)

Mr. Kovacs, welcome to AikiWeb. I look forward to hearing your perspectives.

Robert G. Kovacs wrote:
Thank You Jun, :-)
Nice to meet you, Sorry about the caps, old habit, My opinion?
If I must write, All words should be treated with the respect they deserve, :-)
On that note, I myself believe that all words should be treated idiomatically. Just so you know, 名誉 meiyo, 夢 yume, and 希望 kibou, are nouns, and 完全 is a noun/adjective. "Honor" as a verb would be 尊敬する sonkei suru, and "desire" as a verb would be 望む nozomu. "To perfect" would be 完成する kansei suru. "To dream" would probably be best rendered as 志す kokorozasu.

野望 yabou is likely not the word you're looking for, as it has negative connotations. I think 大志 taishi, or 大望 taibou are more along the lines of what you're thinking of.

What you want to create here is 敬意 keii, not sonkei.

There is a Japanese forum, unfortunately much too quiet. If you want to further practice your Japanese, I hope you will post there as well.

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