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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Eddie deGuzman wrote:
Still, no one knows me from Adam and vice-versa so anything I say in response is moot.
Hi Eddie:

There is a broad, unavoidable logic to the kokyu things that pretty much works OK on the internet (not 100%, but even if there's doubt a few questions can clear it up). I don't know Rob John, but he and I spotted that we were talking about the same thing pretty quickly. I don't know Dan Harden, but a number of the things he mentioned indicated pretty clearly that he was talking about jin. He knew, I knew it, and he knew that I knew it. Reportage of Ushiro Sensei's deeds, etc., was unclear so I made the trip to Glenwood Springs last Summer just so I could evaluate with my own eyes... he was using jin. The later reports of the Summer Camp and the comments about kokyu were crystal clear.... if I had seen the words in those before the Summer Camp, I might not have bothered to go because he's obviously talking about Kokyu. [[Incidentally, there is a huge spectrum of ability in ki and kokyu... "knowing kokyu" doesn't tell anyone how good the full abilities are]]

So best case, you can tell from what someone says whether they know or not. If there's a doubt, it's best to meet up. A lot of people are beginning to meet up and compare notes and that's the first sign that a critical step is beginning in a lot of Aikido .... not all Aikido; some groups will be left behind because they have no idea that they're missing something large but basic.

In Japan, it would probably be fun for you to meet up with Rob John and compare notes. On a completely friendly and helpful basis. That way someone would know you from Adam. Or even "Adam's Off-Ox" (which is where I think the saying originated).


Mike Sigman
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