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Re: advice for those starting the journey...

Simon Brocklebank wrote:
i am finding aikido intriguing, at times frustrating and always really difficult! if you could offer 1 piece of advice (spiritual, technical or otherwise) for those of us starting out the aikido journey of exploration what would it be?
Hi, I got two bits of advice that have been useful to me (although I approach it from another martial art).

-I'd be vary wary of anyone claiming a special strength, saying it is the basis for this or any martial art, and claiming different ways of moving is the purpose of the training rather than the result of training. But enough about them.

-I'd try to make aikido a large part of your life off the mat as possible too. Practice 'verbal' aikido, adopt the philosophy, understand the itricacies of mental and physical interactions, coach students younger (in practice years) than you in aikido if given permission, etc. Really understand the history and the community of what you practice. This way after doing aikido for 60+ years it won't just be a lot of rolling and throwing or another martial art, it will mean something.

A secret of internal strength?:
"Let your weight from the crotch area BE in his hands."
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