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Re: Baseline skillset

Oh stoppit Eddie... you seem to be deferring to mat time and rank as some indication of kokyu skills... it's worse than watching a grown man cry....

FWIW, many years ago when I was a lowly white belt, I had the good fortune of training with some 4th dan Iwama stylist at a training camp to which many other groups were invited. We were doing ikkyo... and as was customary, I took ukemi first, to which he proceeded to rip my arm off... then when it came to his turn, he went all floppy, so as to foil me. So... I kicked him in the gut.

He had... NO kokyu skills whatsoever... all shoulder strength and muscle. Even then, I knew the difference between using kokyu and muscle. If he had any kokyu skills, he would have made me throw myself....

FWIW, I went to train with some Goju peeps some years ago... and again, got the good fortune of training with some 5th dan in their version of "push hands".... all hard muscle, no kokyu. And then he starting punching me as he pushed... to which I responded with equal zest... and thought to meself, ok, let's see who gives up first.... after about a minute, he suddenly stops, and terminates the exercise, and then tells me "don't punch so hard"...

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