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Re: I Need Aikido ?'s Answered PLEASE!

Remembering that there are several styles of Aikido, Aikido is, as they say, A self defensive art... Look for a Dojo that uses sparring in it's classes, As In, Real Combat strikes & blocks... Most styles of Aikido do not actually use spy vs spy contact... Tomiki Shodokan Aikido is a combative, contact martial art... Tomiki beleived in contact, which is what street fights come to, which is why he broke away from the pack, and focused on contact sparring, at the time, it was frowned upon to engage in combative, contact Aikido, Tomiki teaches us that in the real world, contact does actually occur... Look for a Dojo, that when you walk in, you see actual contact, If you train this way, when you happen to get into a situation on the street, your "Frog Brain" will react the way you have been trained to react, full contact without thinking about it. If you have to think to react, you have already lost, train to fight, when you go into fight or flight, you won't have to think about your movements, as you will instinctively already have reacted... Find a school that when you enter, you see contact, Tomiki Shodokan Aikido is a combative, competitive style of Aikido, many styles of aikido are not, Aikido is also a defensive art, not an agressive art, Tomiki Style Aikido is also a submission style of Aikido, as in the UFC championships, Remember when the UFC began, There were alot of aggressive fighters, then there was little skinny Royce Gracie, making the big bulls of the ring drop like fly's on bull droppings, it's amazing what a little leverage and a lock on a joint can do, Tomiki Shodokan Aikido, although uncomparable to Gracie, are very much alike when it comes to submission locks, whereas say, Shotokan Karate-Do is an aggressive stand up style of strikes, 90% of all fights end up on the ground anyway, either by a straight knock out, or by grapplingh to the ground, when it goes down, styles like Tomiki Shodokan Aikido stands up, Gracie in a stand up fight, Hey, On the street, boxing is for show, on the street, there is no bell, no ref, it's you, and you alone, I suggest, cross train in an aggressive stand up style, if you have great legs, take TKD, but if you have great hands, take An Aggreesive Karate style, but when it goes down, submission locks rule, Period. My best suggestion? Find a Dojo that when you walk in, you see sparring, either on the ground or up, either way, find a Dojo that teaches combative styles, if you fight in every one of your classes, you will learn to be a fighter, by ritual training, If your in it just to wave your belt around, join the local Y, I'll bet my life that, on the street, that black belt you earned at the local, non contact Dojo, will be in it's display case on your wall at the house, I can buy a black belt on Ebay for maybe $3.99, and it will sting if I slap you in the face with it, but on the street, When your belt is at home, it won't help you at all... When you BECOME the black belt, in a combative style, then you are a black belt, and it will show, even though you are not wearing it, it will shine through you... Become a black belt, don't just buy one, study in a studio or dojo that trains in full contact combative arts, if you train that way, it will grow inside of you, and become instinct, which is what you need on the street, if you are small, a combative style of Aikido will equalize your size, finger locks, wrist locks, watch an officer handcuff a suspect, notice that wrist lock? people do not like broken bones, broken bones will end a fight faster than strength or might, everytime. As far as a chopping motion goes, obviously, you walked into the wrong studio, as I have never seen a move like that on the street or in a ring, keep searching for another Dojo, when you walk in, look for heavy bags, lots of sweat, and actual combat, Secondly, find a style that works for YOU! Train to fight, and you will when you have to, several thousand hours of combative training will eventually end up within you, which is where your belt should be. On the Inside of your GI, not on the outside... I hope this helps you, AHHH, lastley, 2 hours in a class, equalls 4 hours on your own, get a bag, preferably a big, 6' Kickboxing, Muay Thai style bag, with a big bag, you will have full body contact, from your head to your toes, It is truly amazing what happens when you kick an attacker in the knee, sending it in reverse, or drive your elbow into someones head, Or poke them in the eye, on the street, you are not there to see how long you can fight, you are there to see how long you can live, THERE ARE NO RULES IN STREET FIGHTING. Remember that too, Hair Pulling, Eye Gouging, Groin Kicks, ON THE STREET, You either live or you may die. PERIOD. End the fight and flee, If it's a neighborhood fight, TRY to avoid the groin kicks, Hair Pulling, Eye Gouging, as many will cry foul, I Break Bones, That's my style. My fights end fast, which is the point, Put me in the ring and offer me 15 million, I'll go 15 rounds, If I Can, Put me on a dark street alone, and I'll break your bones, Poke your eyes, Grab your hair and drive your head into my knee, sometimes, I'll even run away, all situations are different... I Hope I Helped, By The Way, On The Street, Carry, A 4oz. Can Of Sabre CS TEAR GAS, RED PEPPER SPRAY, WITH A MARKING DYE, Cost Is Around $8-12.00 Available at, It WORKS. PERIOD,
Good Luck & Walk Towards The Light!
Dragon Kovacs

Arthur Capone wrote:
Hey Everybody!

I'm 32 years old, took Aikido when I was 12, and have recently been checking out two highly respected Aikido schools in NYC, watching classes and wanting to get back in it! I've been a fan of O'Sensei's writings, films, read Terry Dobson and George Leonard books, belive in the existence of KI, and have zero interest in hurting anybody and want to take Aikido to revolutionize my life, as so many people have said happens when they take it. I'm in it for the long haul. I have also read that long thread in here regarding how Aikido is supposedly not effective in a street fight, and loved and was educated by all of your astute answers.

OK, here's my question: I notice that most martial arts schools I have been to (Hapkido, Jujitsu, Kung Fu, etc.) all say that they teach "self-defense". If someone attacks you on the street, these schools say that you can "defend yourself" and/or "stop the assailants". These schools use real-life situational offensive strategies (straight punches, roundhouses, chokes, pushes, takedowns) for the student to DEFEND with the kata/moves of the martial art, as a result of this promise to teach self-defense.

I have been, so far, to two highly respected schools and watched 3 classes at each location. All of the attacks with which you are to defend at both schools are either a chopping down (like a sword) coming down on your head, or a chopping at the waist. I know that O'Sensei came from a sword culture. But why are teachers making moves like this in order for us to learn Aikido against when, in the real world, people DON'T ATTACK LIKE THAT!? I understand it's a spiritual martial art, but I feel like this is being TOO esoteric. Is this why Tomiki was invented?

It makes me hesitant to take the course. Maybe I'm an idiot. Maybe I don't get it. But while I want to dedicate my life to an art like Aikido, I also want to be able to defend myself if some guy or guys mess with me.

You guys rock! Set my verdant ass straight!


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