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Jane Biggio
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Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

You drive an hour to get to class.
You sit in a hot tub for at least an hour after Aikido class.
You got divorced in part because your spouse didn't appreciate your dedication to training.
All three of your children do Aikido.
When preoccupied your children know they can always get your attention by calling you 'sensei'.
You teach 4 Aikido classes a week and that's why you don't have a 'real' job.
Of course Aikidoka are family, even the ones you only see a few times a year at seminar.
You speak broken English as if you were Japanese.
You 'stored' your mats opened up on the living room floor.
You refer to your children as 'mat rats'.
You fret about not having time to get the laundry or dishes done as you prop your feet up on the coffee table and open up the "Philosophy of Aikido".
You got home from Aikido class and actually read ALL 213 of these entries!!!!!!! And laughed A LOT!!!
You're broke thanks to your determination to live your priorities.
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