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Re: Nikyo Basics

Brad Allen wrote:
My nikyo from ikkyo is OK, but from the overhead strike, it's like I have no clue where to begin, and I stand there staring at Uke's hand like I've never seen the appendage before.

How can I translate the mechanics of the nikyo from ikkyo to the overhead strike? Maybe this is an impossible question--I can't imagine how someone can make it clearer with words and not showing me physically, but I thought I'd try.

Thanks if you can help, if not, no worries!
Right Shomen-uchi Nikajo...

Brad, trying to learn an aikido technique over the internet is like trying to describe Mona Lisa using words without ever seeing it, especially with Shomen-uchi Nikajo, which IMO is a technique that needs a liitle more fine motor skill manipulation. (Think off the wrist change).

Personally I think Shomen-uchi Nikajo is good to learn for the sake of learning the art called aikido only, i,e., for completion sake. As far as practicality is concern, shomen-uchi ikkajo to newaza waki-gatamae/hiji-shime/rokyu (same technique, different names in different school) is a better submission / fight ending technique.

OK, back to describing the technique. Let me try... Shomen-uchi nikajo ichi (irimi) version
Step 1) I assume you know Shomen-uchi ikkajo right? Then I will begin the technique at the moment where you have uke's striking arm parallel to the ground in an out stretched manner, but before going to the ground.

Step 2) Tori right hand grasp uke's wrist whilst the left hand is at uke's elbow. Tori slide (maintaining contact all the time) his left hand along uke's arm to the wrist part. Tori's right hand change his grasp to place his palm on the outside of uke's outer hands.

Step 3) Tori should by now see that the grip is a nikajo grip. Apply the nikajo and remember that uke is always on his knees, do not let him stand up. Tori should maintain a strong kamae at all times to keep the lock steady. NB: The key factor to this lock is skeletal structural manipulation, not pain compliant. Always remember this.

From here, finish the technique to oase pin. Tori can choose to finish the osae pin via ichi (irimi) or ni (tenkan) version.

There! Shomen-uchi nikajo ichi kihon waza (text-book) version. Have fun.


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