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Re: Baseline skillset

No worries, Raul. It's just getting frustrating having to explain in detail everything I write, even if it wasn't even the point of the original post I made. How do I move differently than I did 13 years ago? Better, smoother, lighter, straighter, more in-tune with my partner, aware of both our movement and balance, aware of connection and the lack of it, aware of muscle power and the use of kokyu, aware of weak and strong points, aware of the range of motion of limbs, better deeper longer breathing in conjunction with physical actions which are done by the body as a whole, better receiving, blending, extending, flowing, sensing etc. etc. etc. Let's just tack all that on to anything I say about aikido from now on.

Yes, Everyone, I agree, one can be practicing the wrong way. Been there, done that. Got a clue, but don't claim to know it all. Still, no one knows me from Adam and vice-versa so anything I say in response is moot. I'm willing to listen to everyone's thoughts about aikido though.

A shihan who moved to Fukuoka last year visited the dojo last night. Was really sorry to see him go. Really high level skills IMO FWIW. Anyway, got to work together and his movement is slightly different now. I asked him why and he said he's over that theory, and got better. Actually, what he said was he "graduated" from that technique. He's a 7th degree who had great internal skill before he left IMO FWIW , yet he has found something else to take his aikido to another level. He invited me to come visit so it looks like I'm going to the big city, Yippee! Really looking forward to meeting the fellow he's training with. Point is, no matter where you are on the ki/kokyu road, there seems to be always more to learn.

Good training to you all,
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