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Re: Baseline skillset

As far as I'm concerned and I think most people are concerned, 23 years on the mat is much more impressive in terms of mastery of an art than someone, anyone, who theorizes about this and that and 'proves' it by giving 'let's play nice' demos.

As far as I'm concerned 23 years of aikido IS... 23 yrs of playing nice demos.

I really don't care who has what time-in where.
-Your- understanding is in your hands.
Time-in matters not
I have seen that myth laid to rest more than once. Though you may be right that most people think that way. Most people don't have a clue about high level skills.
I'll bet on somone with either good internal skills or good MMA skills
Mores the point, someone with both...anyday and twice on sunday.
Although Aikido with good internal skills -can- be potent if you know what you're doing. Its what it was always meant to be in the first place.

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