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Re: "Verbal Aikido: 7 Ways To Handle Difficult Customers"

Mike Grant wrote:
According to this woman she 'demonstrates' aikido at her seminars-but what, exactly is her experience (if any)?
Yes, well, the article demonstrates that she does have a pretty good understanding of the principles she's espousing and attributing to Aikido. As for physically demonstrating Aikido, maybe all she does is a simple irimi nage against a punch?

There are at least half a dozen "demonstrations" I could come up with that would effectively demonstrate those principles that a fairly new Aikidoist could pull off if they understood those principles. Heck, there's a couple where they'd just need to know how to go through the motions and it would be good enough for what she's doing.

Yes, of course I would want a more legitimate and powerful demonstration if it was available. I certainly would not be satisfied with a canned demo for my school. But for a semnar like she's leading? Well, not only might it be good enough but it might be ideal. And maybe she's found that it is.

I say this on this board more than anywhere else I go and it applies - yet again - here: you can go wrong by being too skeptical as easily as you can be being too gullible.

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