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Hello everyone!

I just read these statements with great interest because I thought: do I like training with beginners or don't I? I did not vote up to now.

Maybe I don't like training with beginners because after four years of Aikido practice I start to believe that my technics may work sometimes. But with beginners (it's so frustrating) they never do. I always discover the weak points of my Aikido with them. It's true, you can learn very much from beginners.

I like training with Aikidokas of my own grade because you can do very fast spectacular technics with breakfalls and all this stuff and the harmony between uke and tori grows, but if you really want to learn more about the weak points of your Aikido, train with beginners. I think I'll never figure out how a "correct" ikkyo will be made. So I maybe should vote with "yes" this week.

Enjoy training with beginners,

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