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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Christian Moses wrote:
..... The instructor came over to show that "the harder I resisted, the easier I was to throw." He assumed the role of nage and asked me to resist, so I resisted very hard using the rear cross and some of the dynamics of the push-out exercise (at least as I understand it now…). Once he felt enough pressure, he said, "good," and then went to do the kokyu to show how much easier I was to move. As he pressed into me, I felt him rebound and then he had to shuffle step backwards a couple inches to catch his balance. This is someone who has decades of training over me. He made quick eye contact and I shifted to a more typical muscular (meaning more what he was expecting) resistance and he finished the move. There is no way I could have done that six months ago.....
Not to belabour the point, Chris, what you described was not resistance really (although you could refine it even more with practice). At the point that his own force made him rebound, you effectively weren't resisting but adding to his own force... i.e., "blending with his force". You became nage and responded to his attack.... you could even done a technique as a smoothe transition an it would simply have been good Aikido.


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