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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Dennis Hooker wrote:
Mike I love getting old. It beats the hell out of the alternative. I will get old as long as I can, hopefully with a since of humor and a touch of immaturity which will leave a little growing room. .
Well, I wish I enjoyed it as much as you do, Dennis, but I hate seeing my faculties decline. My sex drive has dropped so much that I'm down to only doing it 5 times a night instead of the usual 7. On the plus side, that leaves me more time to workout.

I've been able to gradually become more spiritual and have been able to conquer some of my bad habits like fightin' and cursing. Godamn did I used to curse!

The really nice thing about gettin older is that nobody can kid you about it.... if they do, they remember it sheepishly a few years later and wish they hadn't been such an obvious chump.


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