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Eddie deGuzman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Ignatius Teo wrote:
Thanks for rephrasing the question Raul.

Yes, Eddie... "moving" and "different" how? Vague descriptions mean squat to me...

The example I used clearly illustrates that "different" can mean different things... whether one is moving or not.

What I find odd is the need to justify your mat time to me, when it was neither requested nor relevant to my question.

What would be more helpful to the discussion is, if you could not only do what was illustrated in my example, but also explain how it works...
Iggy, Sheesh, a fella can't even say "Hey, that happened to me" without being asked to prove it AND on the internet, no less. Apparently vague descriptions don't mean squat to you. Sorry I presumed more.

Sure, I can do what I think you're describing. And to describe it, my perspective is that your perspective is wrong. You did not "connect" with his arm, he connected with yours.

If my experience bothers you, forget I mentioned it. BTW, before you snipe at me for NOT answering your question, you might want to ask one first. There is no question there, dude. I'd call that OVERextension!

To phrase it a little clearer, I do aikido differently now. And Raul, different how, would be better.

AND AS EVERYONE HAS ALREADY SAID, it makes no difference until someone feels it. So, I guess we're all gonna have to hold hands someday. And if that's what it boils down to, then it makes no sense to say one can do something, and it makes no sense to ask someone if they can do what another person did and then ask them to describe it. Well, that pretty much ends this entire discussion on a baseline skillset.
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