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Re: "Verbal Aikido: 7 Ways To Handle Difficult Customers"


Point(s) taken but I have to disagree. This is nothing more or less than cheap profiteering.

According to this woman she 'demonstrates' aikido at her seminars-but what, exactly is her experience (if any)? I have no problem if she wants to source her teachings to Dobson's book (which I personally don't like by the way) but she doesn't do that. She makes an implicit claim for her own expertise in aikido.

Another thing that I have a deep problem with is the characterisation of aikido as a 'non violent' martial art-and especially by somebody like this whose experience appears to be confined to one or more cursory viewings of a Seagal movie. If it was really 'non violent' then I for one wouldn't be wasting my time practising it and I suspect that most of the people at the dojo where I train would feel the same way.

My favourite quote from a seagal movie:

Nightclub bouncer to Seagal character 'If I let you in, I'd lose my job.'

Seagal character to nightclub bouncer 'Wouldn't that be better than losing you teeth?'

(Has this woman even bothered to watch the movies let alone undertake any serious training in aikido I wonder...)
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