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Hello Robert!

Don't put yourself too much under pressure. It doesn't help. Try to enjoy your training and don't think too much of perfection. Aikido needs lots of time or as my Sensei always says: you need two lifetimes before your Aikido is perfect. There's always something you do not do exactly right. This can be very frustrating but is also the challenge of Aikido.

It also depends on every single person how fast your progress is. I learn very slow and others are much faster. Shure, makes me a little bit jealous, but you only have to be better than you were in your last training, you don't have to be better than someone else. This may be a great difference to Tae kwon do (I tried it for half a year). In Aikido, you don't need to be the winner of others, you should be the winner of yourself.

Hope this helps a little bit,

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