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Re: Dobson and Arikawa Sensei

Ellis Amdur once had a terrific story on how the young Ichiro Shibata was called up to take ukemi for Rinjiro Shirata in the late 1970s. The young hombu deshi didn't really know who he was and Shibata came over looking bored and a bit put out at having to take ukemi for this old man. He writes: "Shirata took hold of young Shibata and began moving (blending) in the direction he had reached - very fast, very hard - 180 degrees away. Shibata's eyes opened wide in horror, because, in an instant, he was stretched nearly horizontal, and Shirata sensei hadn't even started his turn into the shihonage itself - this was just the initial move! Nor did he pause. Shibata-san just barely, with supreme athleticism, managed to "catch up" enough to merely be slammed down to the mat rather than have his arm ripped off. The expression on his face at the moment of realization was just like that of the coyote in the Roadrunner cartoons when he suddenly realizes he's run right off a cliff. ... Sometimes the best way to illustrate quality to a young man is to rattle his bones, and Shirata-sensei had done that with a casual ease - no viciousness at all, just the implacable force of an anvil dropped off a high building."
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