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Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

can't be bothered will all the quoting so here goes

working in a bar, going glass collecting, practising your foot movements to avoid drunk, beligerent football fans

also, when on an impromtue night out with some roleplayers you've had a few and when the song tells you to "sit down, sit down, sit down next to me" everyone else falls into a vague seating type position, while you move into seiza without thinking
(this did however get me a few comments along the lines of "you must me good in the bedroom", "how obedient", and the like, i repied with "i haven't had any complaints" but only because one of the guys making the comments could whoop my ass 6 ways from sunday otherwise well, i wouldn't have been so restrained (incase any of the relevant people see this :P see, being good, no violence:P))
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