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Rod Yabut
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Re: Dobson and Arikawa Sensei

I explain when I teach. I try to isolate the principles which make this stuff work and that's what I pass on. I have found that when I go around and conduct seminars the folks out there are quite excited to actually have someone explain what they have been trying (often for some time) to do. It's like rain in the dessert, all of a sudden there is life. Folks get excited about their practice again because now they can see that they can really make some progress. I believe that as Aikido teachers, it is our job to do this.
Quite coincidentally, one of our newer students started attending our children's class consistently. I commended him for his enthusiasm in which he repled that "the stuff we practiced" in regular classes made makes more sense after it was slowed down and verbalized in the children's class. What a concept!
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