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Re: Dobson and Arikawa Sensei

Mr. Garcia - Fred's story illustrates well the question you asked. But this would not have applied to Arikawa sensei, who was one of the senior shihan in the dojo. The only one who could have "set him to rights" was Ueshiba Morihei - and if he had, there wouldn't have been the chain of continued injuries that Arikawa sensei left behind him.
On another matter, I just had a conversation with a friend who, like me, took ukemi for Arikawa sensei in some of his classes. His technique was crude - looking, but both of us have a "body memory" of an absolutely precise irimi - that, at the moment of contact, he took absolute control. To compare my memory of taking ukemi for Chiba sensei, the latter had an explosive ability to go from zero-to-hundred miles per hour in an instant, but from that point, I could always feel him gather himself to do the next move. For example, grabbing his wrist for nikkyo, he would enter in an inordinately powerful way and my balance was disturbed. I would then feel him prepare, rising up and then slamming down in the wrist lock. Honestly, I waited for him to put the technique on. The initial move had the shock of being hit by a club, and then there would be space as he "drew back," so to speak, to do it again. With Arikawa, it was like being caught in the gears of an inexorable machine.


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