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Re: Called out.

I remember having a few beers with my old buddy Frankie Salerno (Boston guy... runner for the mob after he left the service... screwed with the wrong guy and got killed). We were in a bar on Okinawa and 2 Air Force guys came in. Ultimately one of them started jacking with Frankie and after about 10 minutes Frankie and I just shook our heads and stood up. When Frankie took off his leather jacket and the one guy saw how huge Frankie's arms were, the guy suddenly fell on the floor and started crying, begging Frankie "Oh god, oh god, don't kill me!". It was pretty funny. These two clowns had their own idea of having some "fun" that evening, but they didn't stop to think that it wasn't fun for other people who might not enjoy being made a part of their game.

Mike, I'm splitting a gut with this story. Too bad I'm at work.