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Re: Called out.

Dennis Hooker wrote:
There are real people behind the words. The words mean honor for some and just words for other. The cyber world is just a plain ride away from the real world. I have told this story in other forums so I will just bare bone it here. When Aikido-l was very young in the 80's and hosted by a university a fellow took exception with me and lunched a personal attack. Me, being naive and perhaps stupid, took it personally and real. My wife and I could barely pay our bills yet I bought a airplane ticket and showed up at a man's door. It turns out it was his 13 year old son using his account to attack me. I use a little more tact nowadays but underneath I am still the same guy. Words hold different value for some people.
This makes me smile Dennis. I've made similar mistakes but not gone to such impressive lengths to right a perceived wrong.

I see something in the underlying attitude though that applies across the board to me - if the wrong person is disrespected then expect a fight.

Doesn't matter if he's done aikido, BJJ TKD or nothing at all.

Some people have thresholds which when they are crossed prevent them from living with themselves.

And this to me is why effectiveness comes down to the individual everytime and to me overrides many of the arguments over which training method is superior.

Perhaps its more about what someone is prepared to do rather than what he has trained to do and the training method chosen is a personal thing to polish whatever they have.

Personally - I've found Aikido has helped me move my threshold up many levels - Looking at the short fuses of many of my oldest friends and family I don't think this is just the process of growing older.

Anyway - thanks for the story - It is a good one.