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Mike Sigman
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Re: Called out.

Chris Hein wrote:
Far more fun to show up at a seminar that someone is at and prove to them then and there what you are talking about.
So how does that work, Chris? This has always been an intriguing question to me when someone says something like, "Oh, if you want to get trashed, go to the next seminar with Ohuku Sensei and watch what he does to you." So I have this picture where I do a nice Tsuki or Yokomenuchi and he breaks my arm. Or I give him katatetori and he nikkyo's me into agony. Is that how you "prove" something on the mat, Chris?

Of if some judo guy wants to kick my butt on the mat.... do I put on a gi and to get in the approved stance/grip and wait for the "Hajime!"?

Let's get the conversation back .... read a few of the responses that essentially are trying to say, "well if someone provokes you, you shouldn't do anything because that proves a character flaw on the respondent's point". It's very interesting to read the dichotomy. I'm afraid I'm on the side of "don't bet on the guy you piss off being of such noble character that he won't swat you down". And I'd add.... anyone who thinks the character flaw is on the side of the respondent, not the original smart-mouth, those people need to re-think their whole lives. What the respondent does may or may not be the right thing, but that's beside the point.

My 2 cents.