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Re: Called out.

David Valadez wrote:
I feel that the tendency to be called out is directly related to the propensity one feels to be insulting to another - for reasons of "saving the truth," "upholding the right," "defending the worthy,". There are ways of being that can keep one professional and/or cordial without the deluded fantasy of defending what HAS TO BE DEFENDED at all costs. These ways of being are directly related to not having a need to affront the honor of another. It's not that hard to not be called out, nor is it difficult to not feel the need to call someone out. Both are only as difficult as one has a difficult time being who he/she is without needing to lower or degrade the Other to be or remain that person. If you can't do this, everyone and everything is a threat to you - to your way of living, to your way of thinking, to your way of doing. When we hit this point, we're probably sick, maybe insane - probably trying to self-medicate in one form or another, etc. That should be a clue for us - the possibility of a turning point, where we can and should ask, "Why does this always happen to me?" and where we stop believing our usual answer of, "Because folks are afraid of the truth."
Oh, that sounds a little like projection to me. Think of it more as the ante in a poker game... you wanna play, you gotta pay. If someone does "Martial Art A" and it's really focused on self-help, role-playing, a few "sensei's" selling themselves, and so on, it should be called something else than a "martial art". The one big glob of info I've been mulling for over a month is that *apparently* Tohei Sensei stepped up and said that his Aikido style is not a martial art. If all of Aikido is not a martial art, and everyone admits/accepts that, then what you say *may* be true, David. However, each sentence that I write this, I keep picturing some of the demo's I saw hosted on your website a year or so ago .... I have some reservations about the motivations behind your comments.

BTW.... bear this in mind, too. I have several friends that go back in Aikido many, many years. They don't come to this forum or others simply because they've visited before and got the impression that most of the posters are not really representative of the ideals they hold for Aikido. They've publicly said as much. I.e., they don't agree with a lot of the people that have had the upper hand in posting on some of the forums. And it happened more than once. They disagree and it kept happening..... does that imply to you that there was something wrong with them, David? I'd bet not. So maybe you were just trying to take a jab of your own, disguising it as a moralism.... leading us back to the type of people who post again.


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