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Re: Called out.

Ricky Wood wrote:
This comment:
got me wondering how many of you have been 'called out' by another martial artist. I'm not really sure what Mike meant by this but I think it's worth discussion. I have trained with people who have been very non-cooperative and I consider that somewhat of a 'calling out,' but I haven't had another martial artist openly challenge me to a physical contest of sorts to determine who's stuff works the best. I do wonder how I would react to such a 'calling out.' I'm pretty sure I would simply decline the challenge so don't get no funny ideas Mike.
Please share your thoughts/experiences in this regard.
To paraphrase Funakoshi Sensei, "If it is not important enough for you or the other guy to die for you shouldn't be fighting". There's almost always a way to avoid the fight if you don't care about your own self importance.

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