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Re: Called out.

Well, this seems like an interesting topic. As you can see everyone has there own idea of what "calling out" means. To some it means showing up at a dojo and arranging some type of match that I'm assuming would include some arbitrary rules. Those rules would inherently favor some types of martial artists while putting others at a disadvantage. Let me illustrate. Let's say I called out an iaido practitioner. Would he fight me empty handed? Would I fight him weaponless? Well that would all depend on the rules. Without these prearranged rules, whatever took place would surely end up in the court systems. If I were to accept a calling out from someone, what would be the ground rules? Would it be a duel to the death? Would we be using weapons? That would certainly get ugly. And who would be the judge of the outcome. If you broke my arm and I broke your wrist, who would be the winner?
I am not looking for anyone's "respect." I think a forum is a bad place to seek out that respect. If someone has a problem with the way I express myself, they are certainly free to express their displeasure. A forum is a good place for doing just that.
I certainly don't mind being "called out." Just don't expect me to show up. I have nothing to prove.