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Mike Grant
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Re: "Verbal Aikido: 7 Ways To Handle Difficult Customers"

I guess I'm going to get my knuckles rapped for this, but this woman seems to be typical of the kind of new-age whackos who seem to latch onto aikido as a way to make themselves a quick buck-whilst in the process dragging the name of this venerable martial art through the dirt and making serious practitioners of the art into a collective laughing stock.

It's bad enough to have these people cruising around accusing O Sensei of being a 'pacifist' (to the extent that it's almost not politically correct to suggest anything else nowadays) but Steven Seagal, or at least the characters he portrays on film! Did this woman ever see the one where CPO Casey Ryback of the navy Seals hijacks a battleship? I lost count of the number of dead bodies. But maybe shooting them or blowing them up doesn't count ass 'aikido' in this woman's book....
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