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Re: Dobson and Arikawa Sensei

Peter - A number of thoughts come to mind.
1. Arikawa sensei's uke - Niall - I wonder if he a) is still in Japan b) might not have some valuable things to say/write about Arikawa sensei.
2. The story you told about Arikawa calling you to restore "wa" - in a very personal/after the fact way, as if he realized that he had, previously, not addressed you as you truly were - that's the kind of unexpected kindness that stuck me.
3.I should save my comments about the experience of being a deshi for another time, it being rather off topic, but I remember once, thinking to myself that I'd come to Japan hoping to find an Osensei, and I found a Takeda Sokaku (I'm referring to the quality of the relationship, not anything to do with waza). It was terribly, pervasively intense, for many years, unleavened by a community of ani-deshi and kohai, meaning there were no politics but also, no respite.
4. Terry was very different from Deguchi in that he was neither inflated nor pathologically narcissistic. I used to say to him that he had "one foot in heaven and one foot in high school." He went through terrible times, in a way, as a deshi, and part of this was due to his brother deshi, but part was due to him. I believe that Mssr. Noquet had a very happy two years as a deshi. Terry was inordinately passionate - in the old sense of the term in which passion is both pain and ecstasy. He demanded of others among his fellows the same passion and loyalty to a vision of aikido as a way of transforming the universe, excoriating them for their failings or disinterest in this mission, even as he sold out himself and the mission due to his own failings.

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