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Mike Sigman
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Re: Called out.

Ricky Wood wrote:
It doesn't really surprise me that you might want to "call me out," since your on-line personna strikes me as somewhat of a bully. It's all good though.
Really? Have you ever thought about what your personna comes across as to me? And not just in the last thread. Notice that I try to stick to the issues, more or less, but that I'll respond to someone making a personal remark to see what sort of person they are. You contribute nothing. You have constantly wanted to slip in your "feelings". You post touchy-feely sigs like that justifies you for who you are. In short, you're not really my idea of a martial artist. You'd be an embarrassment as a representative of Ueshiba's dojo, for example. Your best comeback to that comment of mine is that "you're just having fun" and so on, which leads us straight back to the same idea..... you're not much of a martial artist. You're a slight embarrassment to the whole idea of martial arts because you're more of a role-player.

It's very easy to spot the people who are serious martial artists. The ones who choose not to act like martial artists while among martial artists have no beef when somone wants to check their oil.
..let me assure you it's only a cyber fight that I desire to pick with you. I'm confident that a physical altercation would be unpleasant for both of us and would be contrary to everything I believe in.
So you're a Keyboard Kommando, then. How much respect do you think a Keyboard Kommand rates when he talks to martial artists?

You see the best solution. If you have personal remarks (and you've accumulated a few by now) do what most others do and keep them to yourself. If you have a personal problem, take it to private mail or go see the guy. Don't embarrass your art. Don't act upset when wannabe martial artists making off-topic comments get an (unsurprising) negative reaction.

You want stories? I've seen every variety you can think of, even down to someone getting shot dead and some people getting maimed for life. That's why I'm always surprised when some idiot goes up to someone they don't really know and starts screwing with them like "this is safe because I'm behind my keyboard." You're used to dealing with kids, if that's your attitude.

I remember having a few beers with my old buddy Frankie Salerno (Boston guy... runner for the mob after he left the service... screwed with the wrong guy and got killed). We were in a bar on Okinawa and 2 Air Force guys came in. Ultimately one of them started jacking with Frankie and after about 10 minutes Frankie and I just shook our heads and stood up. When Frankie took off his leather jacket and the one guy saw how huge Frankie's arms were, the guy suddenly fell on the floor and started crying, begging Frankie "Oh god, oh god, don't kill me!". It was pretty funny. These two clowns had their own idea of having some "fun" that evening, but they didn't stop to think that it wasn't fun for other people who might not enjoy being made a part of their game.

You want respect, Ricky? Debate the issues with me... not personalities. You wanna play? You need to play with your pals. You want me to respect you? Act like a thoughtful and serious martial artist. Then I'll treat you like one and you'll find, voila', we get along.


Mike Sigman