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Re: Called out.

I think Don has it right.

There are power structures in every aspect of life. The key is being able to figure out when you can win and when you can't. And along with this, the times where doing what is right outweights the previous decision.

At any rate, I have been thinking alot of "calling people out". I am not a great fighter. I might not even be a good fighter. But I know I am alot better than some of those people out there claiming extraordinary skill. But I have decided it serves no purpose to go to these schools and call them out. If i go alone i risk being jumped, if I go with a group of people they will fear being mobbed. I just generally decide to keep my mouth shut. I grin and bear it everytime someone tells me they do kung fu, aikido, etc. and explain to me their great tricks...oops i mean techniques.

I understand you do not like confrontation Ricky, but being unwilling to take a stand does not excuse you from your responsibility in the world. It does not make oyu right or superior. Just thought I'd share that with you. The idea that a physical confrontation is somehow worse than some half-baked cyber one is pretty telling on your part.

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