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Re: Dobson and Arikawa Sensei

Raul Rodrigo wrote:
Please add to this thread more quotes from that chapter you feel are relevant. Its not a book I can easily get my hands on.
Hello Raul,

I think it would be hard to do this. The interview is very diffuse and Terry ranges over a wide range of topics.

From reading the interview, I think that Terry Dobson sounds very much like Onisaburo Deguchi: a combination of very much common sense with a whole load of wackiness. I never met him and the closest I have come to him is reading the stories that Ellis occasionally puts out and reading his book Aikido in Everyday Life: Giving in to Get your Way, which I confess did not impress me very much.

But the trials he experienced in the Hombu must have been very severe. All those ani-deshi who regarded him as simply different. There is a famous photograph of Terry in western clothes sitting in sitting in seiza presumably listening to O Sensei discoursing from a book. Or he might have just been reading the book in silence. One cannot help wondering, what is this guy doing here? I would love to have met him and compared notes and stories about living in this amazing country.

By the way, I found Aikido in America in a bookstore in Amsterdam.

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