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Re: I Need Aikido ?'s Answered PLEASE!

Keith Lee wrote:
We're soooo close to "that" thread here lately. So close...
So close, Keith that we might as well step into it....
Kevin Leavitt wrote:
I don't think though that overall that aikido does well as a methodolgy for preparing one to deal with the stress and range of pain, emotions, and environment of a fight.
Kevin, it actually saddens me to see you print a statement such as this. While I agree that any instructor that tells his students aikido will teach them how to fight well quickly is being irresponsible, I cannot agree with your above statement. But, rather than rehash old positions on what constitutes a fight, martial viability and self-defense, I'll just ask you to think about two things:

First in your post you mention your success in a MMA/BJJ competition (Congratulations by the way ) which infers success in that sporting environment is an indicator that you would be successful in a "real" fight. This pigeonholes the definition of a fight once again, excluding multiple attackers and weapons. But, I digress a bit, you also credit your aikido training as having a "big part in my success". This would seem a bit of a contradiction to the "overall" statement made above. A bit of a paradox is presented.

Secondly please review the following quote:
Jim Sorrentino wrote:
Can aikido be an effective method of self-defense? Yes. Aikido forms the basis of many law enforcement and correctional systems unarmed self-defense programs. The key to effective self-defense training is cultivation of the proper attitude. Physical technique alone is not sufficient to prevail in a conflict. The student of aikido learns through practice that attack and defense are really one thing.
Can we ignore the testimony and observations of our fellow aikido practitioners who employ their aikido as part of their law enforcement careers?

Just food for thought. I do respect your opinion and the wisdom that breadth of your experiences in various martial arts has brought you. I hope you find a deeper value in your aikido training.
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