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Re: Called out.

Mike Sigman wrote:
Change the imaginary scenario, Ricky. You come out and make a flippant, disparaging remark to a martial artist and you're suddenly surprised at the idea that it could ever come back and haunt you?
Would you be so kind as to point out the 'flippant, disparaging remark' that I made? It doesn't really surprise me that you might want to "call me out," since your on-line personna strikes me as somewhat of a bully. It's all good though.
Since you are under the impression that I am 'picking a fight,' let me assure you it's only a cyber fight that I desire to pick with you. I'm confident that a physical altercation would be unpleasant for both of us and would be contrary to everything I believe in. But regarding this forum, I offer the following advise; If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.
Now, back on topic.
Your experiences and/or anecdotes on being called out, challenged, etc., would be appreciated.

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