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Mike Sigman
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Re: Called out.

Change the imaginary scenario, Ricky. You come out and make a flippant, disparaging remark to a martial artist and you're suddenly surprised at the idea that it could ever come back and haunt you? Isn't that sort of a puzzling perspective? I can see it if we were on a poetry list and someone just got careless with the gratuitous remarks.... take it as a compliment that I assume someone on a martial arts list is a martial artist and is "calling out" a person when they make insulting remarks.

Surely, an experienced martial artist knows enough to be polite and not pick a fight they won't follow up on... at least that would be my reasoning.

See the compliment? You pick a fight and someone takes you seriously.... what could be better than that, Ricky? Someone is taking you for what you say you are. Any serious martial artist who didn't want to get into an altercation would keep his personal comments to himself. That's why most martial artists tend to be fairly polite.


Mike Sigman