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Re: Dobson and Arikawa Sensei

Ellis Amdur wrote:
" . . That's what's so devilish about aikido. It deals with these primary forces but leaves pretty much all the detail work up to you . . . .He was not a moral policeman, running around telling everybody to clean up their act. . . . You see, nobody, except those people who were part of inventing another cliche, ever said that the warrior is noble and pure, . . . All that affective stuff didn't need to be laid on it, and the more that you subscribed to it, the deeper trouble you got into because for the most part you hadn't conquered those demons either."
Well, that was one thing I really liked about Mochizuki Sensei. He had the aikido, but no one was following him around thinking he was a saint. Those who followed him followed a martial artist. Still, for the most part, his dojo was always peaceful--despite the fact that it echoed with kiai, thunder on the mat and slamming of the bags and often a choked expression of pain. But hard feelings seemed to be rare there. I very, very rarely saw anyone lose his temper there and most of the abuse was heaped on by the visiting foreigners who didn't know how to act like gentlemen. The shihans were incredibly powerful, yet spectacularly forebearing. No saints. Just very skilled and powerful gentlemen. And they all revered Minoru Mochizuki as just that kind of man.

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