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John Brockington
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Re: Dobson and Arikawa Sensei

Sensei Goldsbury-

Thank you for your post- I searched and found Nadolski's thesis written at U Penn and also found very interesting background information on Tsuda Sokichi, who certainly was courageous in his scholarship. I wonder if other pre-WWII Japanese historians attempting to validate Japanese history were as fortunate as Sokichi was in surviving his persecutions. But outside of Japan, we are not necessarily (professionally or socially) held to limited inquiry of Japanese history, and so there really should not be such reluctance to seek historical perspective on O Sensei. Of course, having had lengthy exposure to academics, I do understand that academia is imbued with politics. It is just unfortunate that there isn't more in-depth information, true critical analysis, of O Sensei and his Aikido.


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