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Re: "Verbal Aikido: 7 Ways To Handle Difficult Customers"

Hello Jun,

I was not particularly convinced by the article, and I think that Myra Golden's aikido credentials should be posted up front and not left for people to assume from a reading of the article. And I am just a little worried that you are also giving her some free advertising.

I looked at the web page and it is like many others that stress the 'proven' value of using a 'win-win' negotiation method. Except that it has never been proven and if you think about it, it probably couldn't be.

Since I teach negotiation, I often receive requests to use the latest material in my university courses. I recently received some material on video courses from Stanford University, in which there is one on 'aikido for managers' (I forget the exact title). I was surprised and wondered whether established aikido teachers were involved in this.

'Verbal aikido' sounds to me very much like 'Non-Violent Communication'. This is the 'reification' of what should be completely normal communication/negotiation skills into a product, which you pay for and which can never be proven to deliver what it claims to do. It is like arguing that it has been 'proved' that Pedigree Chum is better pet food because more dogs 'like' it.

Best wishes,

P A Goldsbury
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