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Chuck Clark
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Nick wrote:
... I do have enough experience to know what a correct ikkyo looks like and how it is done, but I do not have enough experience to pull off a correct ikkyo 7 times out of 10, therefore causing me to be bound with explaining them. -Nick
Hi Nick,

After reading your posts for some time, I have the feeling that you're a very sincere young man and student of aikido.

I think, however, that you are falling into a common custom of western budo practice. You say that you "KNOW how a correct ikkyo is done" and yet can't actualize what you know. The fact that you think you know is possibly what keeps you from being able to do it well consistently.

I remember my teacher in Japan saying to me, "your head thinks you "know", but until your body "knows" and can demonstrate with authority, you do not know."

Eight months of practice should leave you with, "I hear what my teacher says about how to do ikkyo and understand the words and the concept but I don't know how ikkyo is done yet."

Keep up the practice and gambatte!


Chuck Clark
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